Directly from you internal meeting to your external appointment. To another business dinner in the evening. A chauffeur is your solution on a busy day. Time to relax of to finish some work.

For every business occasion, Stuur Chauffeurs has a suitable solution. Choose between a Professional Chauffeur, Executive Chauffeur or a Student Chauffeur, that will bring you to your destination, with your own vehicle.

Private Chauffeur

With one of Stuur Chauffeur’s private chauffeurs, your journey will be more efficient, and you will get to your appointment outside the office in the utmost comfort. Your Private Chauffeur will drive you in your own vehicle to your destination. Get out right at the front door of your destination, while your chauffeur manages your vehicle.

  • Carefully selected chauffeurs
  • Quickly deployable, private chauffeurs from all regions of the Netherland
  • Extensive knowledge of the Dutch road network
  • Starting from 22,50 euros per hour

Stuur Chauffeurs also offers possibilities for a chauffeur with a suitable vehicle.

Executive Chauffeur

Are you looking for a qualified executive chauffeur with a professional and discreet work ethic? Stuur Chauffeurs understands your request like no other and will get you in touch with the right chauffeur for your executive chauffeur needs.

  • Exclusively qualified executive chauffeurs: all executive chauffeurs are in possession of either CCVD1, CCVD2, or CCVD3 certifications.
  • Tailoring, a chauffeur based on your personal wishes
  • Our executive chauffeurs work in a profoundly discreet and efficient manor
  • Possibilities for executive chauffeurs with experience in security and personnel security
  • Available from € 33,50 per hour

Stuur Chauffeurs also offers possibilities for an executive chauffeur with a suitable vehicle.

Student Chauffeur

Have one of our highly competent student chauffeurs transport you in your vehicle to your business appointment. Our student chauffeurs are at your disposal for reservations within to hours.

  • Exclusively higher education and university level student chauffeurs
  • Enthusiastic and competent, all student chauffeurs are trained internally
  • Quickly deployable, available in all regions of the Netherlands
  • Available from €21,50 per hour