Security driver & bodyguard

We supply personal protection officers for the higher segment. Our personal security officers are mainly deployed at Embassies, Family Offices, Corporations and wealthy individuals. Why do these reputable parties choose us?

Threats can manifest themselves in various ways, but often lead to a decrease in the feeling of security. At Stuur Chauffeurs we offer personal protection at various levels, so that you can drive safely on the road again. Your feeling is our starting point and guiding in the choice for the ultimate form of personal security.

Knowledge and experience

After their careers in defense or the police, our employees have moved on to the private sector. Many have therefore been sent to crisis areas in the past and have often had to deal with threatening situations. Knowledge and expertise of the highest level can be expected.

85% of all attacks on people are carried out in and around vehicles. In addition to the fact that all our drivers have gained experience with the government (defense or police), they have also followed specialist driving training. These training courses increase driving skills and ensure that our drivers can get the most out of a vehicle if necessary. In addition, they are experienced in recognizing threats while driving. This sets them apart from normal drivers, because you can still drive cleanly, but if you don't know you're being followed, you can't alarm or take measures to shake off this threat.

Specialized in the high segment

When applying personal security, we first make an estimate of the threat level in close consultation. Are you threatened, extorted or do you not feel safe in certain situations? Based on the threat level, we determine together with you and any other parties involved how we will organize personal security. This can vary from a security driver to a complete security team.

Available worldwide

With our employees we can switch quickly in surrounding countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. We offer worldwide coverage. Depending on the nature of the assignment, we then consider whether we deploy our own people and resources or whether we engage a reliable partner for you.

Take advantage of all our services

A personal security guard is regularly assigned the role of concierge. Especially when it comes to international guests who don't know a city or country well. Our services go much further than providing personal security guards. As a customer you have access to a wide range of services such as VIP Transport.