Rent a car with a chauffeur

You have a special occasion and you are looking for business mobility of high quality. A car with a driver ensures the highest possible safety and comfort for your journey. This is where we, as Master of Mobility, can provide for you. We offer an exclusive supply of luxury vehicles and minibuses for your transport, using the brand Mercedes-Benz.

Luxury vehicles, with professional chauffeurs

Our vehicles and minibuses are new and include luxury specification. With one of our enthusiastic and (highly) competent chauffeurs, you and your companions travel comfortably and relaxed to your destination. We have, among other things, the possibility to provide a certified executive chauffeurs with experience in security and personal guidance. All our Chauffeurs are highly discreet and presentable.

V-Klasse met chauffeur

Our fleet

Our modern and luxurious fleet focuses on luxury and increasingly on zero-emission transport. This is due to the increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly transport options.

In addition to our zero-emission vehicles, our modern and luxurious fleet also often has the latest technologies on board, such as connectivity and infotainment. Passengers can often enjoy a wide range of amenities, such as WiFi, charging points for their devices, comfortable seats, mood lighting and advanced sound systems.

Our fleet is focused on providing a seamless and personalized travel experience. This means passengers can expect a wide range of services, including bespoke itineraries, professional and discreet drivers, meet-and-greet services and VIP treatment.

All in all, our modern luxury fleet offers many benefits, including an eco-friendly travel experience, the latest technologies, comfortable and stylish vehicles and personalized services. This makes it an attractive choice for both individual passengers and companies looking for a sustainable and luxurious travel experience.

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