Rent a car with chauffeur

Rent a car with a driver? That's our expertise at Stuur Chauffeurs. We offer this service throughout the whole of the Netherlands and in the bigger cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. If you are looking for transport outside the Netherlands we can assist as well. This is not only our expertise but also something we enjoy doing. Here is a comprehensive overview of the main issues involved in renting a car with driver. We show you how these services are optimized for our target group and how we meet your business needs and private desires. In addition, you will discover what is involved in renting a car with driver.

Why should you hire a car with chauffeur

A chauffeured car offers an excellent solution for both business and private travel. In busy urban areas, it provides convenience, efficiency and comfort. Our drivers are professional and well-trained to get you to your destination safely and relaxed. This is ideal for business appointments, conferences, events and a worry-free day.

What are the advantages of our services

Renting a car with driver is ideal and it has all kinds of advantages. Below you read some benefits of what our customers often mention as being the most important advantages:

Stress-free travel by car

No worries about parking, route planning or traffic congestion. You can fully concentrate on your work or just relax. When you need to be on time for a flight our certified driver makes sure you arrive in time. They anticipate potential detours and make sure you don’t have to worry about the route or timing.

Reliability around business appointments

Our drivers ensure that you are always on time, regardless of traffic conditions or weather. Our drivers always check what the traffic situation beforehand and adjust if necessary.

Luxury cars

Traveling in one of our luxury vehicles means enjoying ultimate comfort. Take a look at our fleet to see what luxury cars you can choose from.

Safety in the car

Our drivers are experienced and adhere to the highest safety standards around driving. They hold a CCV-D1, CCV-D2 or CCV-D3 certification and most of our drivers are AIVD level B screened.

What are the costs?

Of course, there are also costs associated with renting a car with driver. These are probably higher than you are used to from, say, a cab. Nevertheless, for many of our customers it is well worth it! Depending on the duration, the type of vehicle and your specific needs, we offer customized services. Service that fits your budget and needs. Already from € 80.00 per hour.

Require a car with driver abroad?

Stuur Chauffeurs is focused on the business sector and also offers transportation services in the rest of Europe. Do you need a driver for several days? We are confident that we can offer excellent service abroad as well.

We also offer international chauffeured services outside of Europe. In cooperation with reliable partners in Europe, the United States and Asia. So you are assured of comfortable and safe rides, wherever you are! Even if you are traveling privately to exotic destinations such as Bali, Java or Laos.

Is a chauffeured car suitable for weddings?

For special occasions such as weddings and galas, Stuur Chauffeurs occasionally offers chauffeured luxury cars. This ensures a stylish and unforgettable entrance for the bride and groom and guests. Our chauffeurs ensure that everyone arrives safely and on time. However, Stuur Chauffeurs does not specialize in this type of service and has decided to focus mainly on the business sector. Of course, if you are interested in comfortable and safe transportation during your wedding, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Using a car with driver to get home safe?

Do you have a night out and want to be brought home safely? Our BOB-Chauffeurs will make sure you and your own car get home safely. Our drivers are ready to pick you up and take you home in comfort. Yet this too is not the specialization of Stuur Chauffeurs. This lies within business transportation with one of our luxury cars from the fleet. Of course, you can make a request and we will make an appropriate offer for it if there is a gap in the schedule.

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