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The administrative and political heart of the Netherlands is characterized by the large number of government buildings and international embassies. Here, adherence to safety protocols is very important. With an executive chauffeur, you have someone behind the wheel who is fully aware of these protocols. An experienced chauffeur is a necessity in the city of courts. A driver who regularly visits government buildings knows where the entrance and exit are and can therefore prevent possible delays.

Assistant behind the wheel

With an executive chauffeur you not only have a driver behind the wheel, but also someone who thinks along where necessary. All our executive drivers have a CCV-D1, D2 or D3 training. These courses are provided by our regular partner Cortex rijopleidingen. During these courses, drivers are trained in advanced driving techniques, security procedures and risk management. This enables them to anticipate unexpected situations and conditions on the road, thus avoiding potential delays. Also, our drivers are a visual representation of our service, they are always dressed tightly in suits.


In addition to the level of training of our drivers, we consider the vehicles in which they transport you at least as important. We therefore ensure that our fleet is regularly renewed and consists of the new models. Most of our fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz models but also Range Rover and BMW. For a complete picture you can view all models here.

Business transport

The Hague is called the court city of the Netherlands; the Senate and the Dutch Parliament are located at the Binnenhof in the city center. In addition to the administrative buildings, there are also many embassy sites scattered throughout the city. The Central innovation district is the largest business area and is a combination of several central districts in the city. If you have an appointment at one of the government buildings or at the events center Atrium, with an executive chauffeur you will always have someone who knows what to consider and will make sure you arrive on time.

Your wishes

It does not matter whether you need a driver for a day, single trip or a longer period. Please let us know your wishes so that we can offer you customized transportation. Only when the transport meets your wishes, it is successful for us.

Executive chauffeur vacancies

Are you interested in a job as an executive chauffeur in the region around The Hague? Then we would like to give you some tips. We regularly have vacancies for executive chauffeurs. It is also possible to search for vacancies as an executive chauffeur via Nationale vacaturebank or tempo team.

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