Executive transport Amsterdam

Traffic in Amsterdam is characterized by narrow streets, busy traffic and one way roads. An executive driver with knowledge of traffic patterns and alternative routes will ensure smooth transportation and timely arrival at your destination. Parking is also a challenge in the capital; however, a good executive driver is prepared and knows where to park near the destination. This means you arrive at your location on time and can immediately depart when desired.

Assistant on the road

An executive driver is more than a driver, he is an assistant on the road. All our executive drivers have at least a CCV-D1 certificate or higher qualification. We have this training provided by Cortex Chauffeurs training. During these courses, drivers learn advanced driving techniques, security procedures, and risk management. This allows them to maintain control over every situation and anticipate on any changes when necessary. Our drivers do not only distinguish themselves with their skills, they always wear smart suits and are therefore a visual showcase for the service we offer.


In addition to the level of training and skills of our drivers, we believe that the vehicle in which you are transported is at least as important. We ensure that our fleet always consists of the newest models, mainly from Mercedes-Benz. Please take a look at our fleet to see which models we currently have available for you.

Business transport

Amsterdam has several business locations in and around the city. Do you have an appointment at the Zuidas or the nearby free university of Amsterdam? Is there a fair that you should visit at the Beurs van Berlage or the Amsterdam RAI. With the latest restrictions in Amsterdam's city center, this can be a challenge. With an executive driver, someone will think along with you to ensure that you arrive at your destination relaxed, comfortable and on time.


Do you need a driver for a day, a single transfer, or for a longer period? Let us know your wishes and requirements for a driver and we can adapt our services to your needs.

Executive driver vacancies

Are you looking for vacancies for the position of executive chauffeur in Amsterdam? We regularly have positions open at Stuur Chauffeurs, you can find them via our website. If we do not have any vacancies of our own, we can always refer you to Indeed or Nationale vacaturebank.

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