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Executive transport is a service that requires professionality. Therefore we have made an overview of the most important insights for government institutions and companies. Here you will find further information about tenders for executive transport, how Stuur Chauffeurs embodies this exclusive element of transport and what services we provide. Whether your company is based in one of the bigger cities in the Netherlands, (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag or Utrecht) other parts of the country or abroad. We can assist you with finding the transportation solutions that suites your requirements. Every day of the week, 24/7 availability or executive transport on set times, you decide which service is preferred.

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What is Executive transport?

Executive transport is a branch of passenger transport that suites the requirements of board members, managers and other important key figures within organizations which goes beyond moving passengers to their destination. It’s about safety, efficiency, availability, communication and comfort. Futhermore, having the right drivers with the proper education and certificates driving the best equipped cars. The right combination of these qualifications upgrades transport to something more, an extra assistance on the road.

Executive transport tender process

During a tender process government institutes and companies can formally request quotations from multiple providers of, in this case, transport requirements. The main focus in a tender process is transparent and honest competition for all parties involved. Stuur Chauffeurs often presents itself by offering services in tender processes. Due to these transparent processes it is possible to choose a provider that meets the right safety, efficiency and professional requirements. A tender process guarantees the standard needs to be met for executive transport unique to each city and organization.

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Which challenges does each city have?

In cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht you will find specific traffic and transport challenges. Each of these cities have unique characteristics which influence the transfers within them such as parking possibilities and traffic jams. Choose a partner with drivers that knows the challenges each city faces and takes care of a solution for your transport requirements.


Narrow streets and busy traffic require thorough knowledge of alternative routes and local traffic patterns to ensure efficient and timely transport services. Parking is a challenge in the capital city. An experiences driver knows where parking spots are most likely to be available during the day and knows where waiting is allowed. Important knowledge to make sure you arrive in time and are able to leave whenever this is required.


The business district and the large and stretched out harbour characterize the city of Rotterdam. The requirement of executive transport needs to flow seamlessly into the road network influenced by the industrial and freight traffic. Sometimes one of the bridges is open or one of the tunnels is closed due to renovation or maintenance. You need a driver that understands this dynamic and can adjust to it in time and navigates you through the city without any delays.

The Hague

The political heart of the Netherlands requires the correct compliance with safety protocols, especially in the proximity of government buildings, international courts and embassies. Choose a chauffeur that is well informed about all these requirements as this experience is needed in the court city. An experienced driver is familiar with all these destinations and knows where to enter and exit the buildings. With this knowledge he makes sure that you arrive and leave on the required times.


The historical centre and busy main roads require a flexible approach and adaptability from an executive driver. Especially in the places where the road is shared with a lot of cyclist and people on foot. You require a driver who knows the city centre well and adjust the route when needed. With local knowledge the driver makes sure that the director or board member arrives safely and on time.

Wat are the most important considerations for executive transport?

When choosing executive transport the educational attainment, certification and experience of the driver is the most important. In addition the fleet and availability of the service is important for customers.

What is the Certification level and experience of the driver?

For a executive driver it is essential to be distinctive from other drivers, this can be attaint with a CCV-D1, CCV-D2 and CCV-D3 Certificate. The CCV-D1 certificate is the base level, the drivers will be trained on safety, customer focus and how to drive defensively. The CCV-D2 certificate focuses on advanced driving technique and skills for personal security, navigation and responding to dynamic environments. The highest certification is the CCV-D3 which is focused on driving for dignitaries and requires extended knowledge of security procedures and risk management. Visit CBR executive chauffeur for more information about this certificate. Stuur Chauffeurs guarantees quality and professionality by certifying all executive drivers with the CCD-D1, 2 or 3 certificate. This secures your safety, comfort and efficiency. In this article about certification of executive chauffeurs you can read more about this subject. Please visit Executive-driver for more information about rates and additional information about the drivers.

What does our fleet look like?

The fleet of an executive transport provider needs to be kept updated to the highest level. At Stuur Chauffeurs the fleet consists of modern, luxurious cars equipped with the latest safety and comfort facilities which ensure a smooth, comfortable and stylish travel experience. Whether it is in a busy city like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht, long distance transfers or a trip abroad. You can find more information about our fleet by clicking this link.

Is Executive transport available 24/7?

For executive transport availability is a key element to give companies and the passengers. We provide the flexibility to be transported during office hours, at night or during the weekend. Stuur Chauffeurs also offers 24/7 service when required so the passengers can move whenever this is needed. During the day or at night we always provide the same high quality service. During unforeseen circumstances or last minute changes this is a indispensable service.

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Stuur Chauffeurs, your partner is executive transport

With focus on high-quality services with our knowledgeable team, a fleet which consist of the newest models and 24/7 availability we are the ideal partner for all your requirements regarding executive transport. The experience and adaptability of our executive drivers ensures the safety, comfort and efficiency of your managing board, director and other personnel. For any further questions we are always available via the phone or e-mail.

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