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In addition to the characteristic port, Rotterdam also has a number of large business districts, especially in and around the city center. Due to the industrial influences of freight traffic, the road network around the city and rush hour, knowledge of the area is a necessary luxury. Bridges open regularly, or one of the tunnels through, or around, the city is closed due to maintenance. An experienced driver knows how to deal with this situation adequately and prevent unnecessary delays. With an executive driver from Stuur chauffeurs you always have a driver behind the wheel who knows Rotterdam and ensures that you arrive at your destination relaxed and on time.

More than a chauffeur

An executive driver is an assistant on the road and does not just take you to a destination. All our executive drivers have at least a CCV-D1 certificate, but most have a D2 or even D3 certification. De training and certification is provided by Cortex Driving training, our partner in driving training for several years. The drivers are trained in risk management, advanced driving techniques and security procedures during these courses. This allows them to anticipate on unexpected circumstances and stay in control of any situation. In addition to their distinctive driving skills, our drivers are always well dressed in a suite. They are the personification of the service we want to provide.

Exclusive fleet

At Stuur Chauffeurs, we believe that the car in which you are transported, and its quality, is at least as important as the skills of our drivers. That is why we ensure our fleet always consists of the best-equipped and most modern cars available. The fleet consists largely of Mercedes-Benz models. Feel free to take a look at our fleet to see which models we can offer.

Business transport

Rotterdam has several business centers within the city, whether you need to be in the World Trade Center Rotterdam in the middle of the city center, the Erasmus University or at the Rivium boulevard, our drivers know the heart of the city. Besides the city center a lot of Rotterdam's industry takes place outside the city center. The port of Rotterdam extends to the North Sea and there is always activity here. With an executive driver from Stuur chauffeurs, you always have someone behind the wheel who knows the city and anticipates on unexpected circumstances. Our goal is to help you arrive at your destination as worry-free and comfortably as possible.

Plan a transfer

Let us know your wishes so we can tailor transportation to your needs. A driver for a single trip, part of the day or even several days, everything is possible. We would be happy to discuss this with you, no request is too much for us

Where to find executive chauffeur jobs

For those interested in the position of executive chauffeur in Rotterdam we would like to give you some tips. Internally we have regular vacancies, you can find them on our website. We can also advise you to take a look at vacancies for the position of executive driver at Indeed or tempo team.

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