Mercedes-Benz Maybach

Our Mercedes-Benz Maybach is the most luxurious and comfortable car in our fleet. This Maybach is the S580e type and equipped with all conceivable options. This vehicle is 18 cm longer than our regular extended S-Classes. On the high-quality multimedia system, you can control everything yourself. Setting your massage, playing your favorite music, or navigating along with the driver. Or you fold the seat out into a bed and take a moment of rest in these comfortable cars.

These vehicles are standard equipped with WiFi, magazines, and bottles of Earth water.

  • stuurchauffeurs personen3
  • stuurchauffeurs personen1
  • stuurchauffeurs personen2
  • 1 to 2 passengers
  • Extra extra long legroom
  • Adjustable massage seats in the back
  • From € 195.00 per hour
  • On an hourly basis or per transfer

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