Who are Stuur Chauffeurs?

Masters of mobility

A reliable and efficient solution for your business transport, that is who Stuur Chauffeurs is. We bring you, with one of our 150 qualified chauffeurs, safely and in a relaxed manner to your business appointment. Using your personal car or in one of our luxurious vehicles.

Stuur Chauffeurs guarantees and experience of high quality and professionalism. that is why we call ourselves Master of Mobility.

How does our Quickplanner work?

How does Quickplanner work?

  • Enter a request
  • Submit your details
  • Your request will be responded to within 30 min by email
  • We are fully at you service

Tailored requests

Personalized mobility

For any tailored requests, we can come up with a plan for you. We are happy to coordinate directly with you for the ideal experience. Please feel free to contact us and we will gladly examine all possibilities to make your journey as safe and efficient as possible.
Call us directly at 010 30 74 325 or send us an email e-mail.

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