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Some venues require a specific service in terms of transportation and parking. For example at an event, party or other type of meeting. For example, Stuur Chauffeurs regularly receives requests for valet parking at a restaurant or event, shuttle service for transporting guests to an event location and requests for parking assistance at events. We perform these services for you with the utmost care.

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Valet Parking

The inconvenience of finding a parking space is taken care of with our valet parking service. For example, when you have a business dinner or party, but also in any other desired situation. With this service you can easily leave your car right in front of the door upon arrival at your location, after which it will be carefully parked for you. Even when you go home, it is nice to know that your car is waiting for you at the door. Valet parking is that extra bit of luxury that contributes to a successful dinner, party or meeting.

Shuttle service

Shuttle service

With the shuttle service from Stuur Chauffeurs, you can arrange the transport of your guests to and from your event in the right direction. You prevent guests from having to walk far and in this way offer them a bit of hospitality. At a location discussed with you, vans or (luxury) cars are waiting to transport your guests to the right location. Fast, efficient and comfortable and always with a professional and friendly driver from Stuur Chauffeurs.

Parking assistance

For guests who arrive at your event location with their own transport, our parking assistance offers safety and efficiency in parking. Experienced parking attendants direct the flow of traffic in the right direction and help your guests find a parking space quickly. This way your guests can arrive relaxed at your event. In addition to parking guidance, the parking attendants monitor the parking lot and the cars during your event.

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