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With the BOB driver from Stuur Chauffeurs you have access to a driver who will take you home in your own car. This way you can enjoy your dinner, drink or event without any worries and we will arrange for you to return home safely.

What is a BOB Driver?

A BOB driver from Stuur Chauffeurs is a driver who is responsible for the safe transport of you and your guests after a dinner, drink, company party or event. If you are no longer able to drive yourself. BOB stands for Bewust Unbecoken Driver. It is an important task to ensure the safety of you and your passengers and to keep the road safe for other road users.

Why should I book a BOB driver?

There are several good reasons to book a BOB driver if you plan to go out and enjoy an evening:

Safety: A BOB driver ensures that you get home safely, without having to get behind the wheel yourself after drinking. This reduces the risk of accidents and keeps you and other road users safe.

Comfort: With a BOB driver you can relax and enjoy your evening without worrying about driving. You don't have to pay attention to where you are going or where you can park. The BOB driver will arrange everything for you and bring you home safely.

Convenience: Hiring a BOB driver is simple and easy. You can make a reservation in advance, so you can be sure that a driver will be available for you on time. This means you can plan your evening without worrying about arranging transportation.

Cost-effective: Hiring a BOB driver can be more economical than driving yourself or using taxis. You pay a flat rate for the service, regardless of how far you have to travel or what time it is. This can be cheaper than paying for a taxi.

In short, hiring a BOB driver is a wise choice if you plan to go out and have a drink. It is safe, comfortable, convenient and can even be cost effective. So you can enjoy a pleasant evening without worrying about how to get home safely.

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