VIP transport

Have your VIP transported safely? Stuur Chauffeurs has been working according to the highest standards since 2014. We have the ideal fleet, highly certified drivers, AIVD level B screened drivers and a lot of relevant experience.

VIP Transportation

VIP Transport requires discretion, customization, personal security and driving safety. That is why we only select the best drivers for our VIP transport. They are extensively trained, both in driving skills and security. Together we exclude any risk and ensure a safe and comfortable visit for your VIP. Of course we take all your wishes into account.

Luxe wagenpark

Own luxury fleet

Stuur Chauffeurs has its own luxurious and modern fleet. All available vehicles are from the latest model series and have almost every conceivable option. Our Mercedes-Benz S-Class limousines are the most luxurious versions available. The Range Rover models are all from the luxury Autobiography line.

Certified and screened drivers

Our drivers that we use for VIP transport have at least the CCV-D2 certificate and are trained in first aid and personal assistance. In addition, our VIP drivers go through a particularly careful selection procedure. We do not only pay attention to the so-called 'hard' criteria such as diplomas and certification. 'Soft' criteria also weigh heavily in the final selection of drivers for VIP transport.

In addition, our own drivers are AIVD level B screened. All our regular drivers go through this screening because of the work we perform for the Dutch government.

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